There is no clear cut categorisation of the texts I translate, so long as they have a literary flavour and the service required is from English into Spanish or viceversa. 

What genres do you translate? 

I translate literary texts, of any length from English into Spanish: covering anything from fiction and non-fiction books, to short stories, essays, articles and poems. 

How much do you charge? 

Rates are based on the standard fee recommended by The Translators Association within the Society of Authors in the UK. This rate may be subject to an increase depending on the complexity of the text and the deadline provided. 
Apart from translating texts from one language to another, I also enjoy translating ideas into texts! If you are struggling to develop written content for your website or any other marketing material (i.e brochure, leaflet), Virginia Translates is happy to create thoughtfully written pieces that will surely increment traffic to your business.  
Get in touch today! I will be more than happy to answer your questions and start translating your ideas into great written material. Our copywriting services include anything from websites, to newsletters and thank you e-mails, and also includes hard copy texts, such as leaflets and brochures. 
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